KHAOS is a Honduran rock-band that is very well known their style of music.  The style that they play with is the first time Spanish rock had been performed.  The band started in the early 1980’s.  The members of the band include Junior Mejia, Marcelo Alvarado, Max Urso, and Issa Molina.  Some of their most popular songs are “Roleando”, “En Llamas”, and “En las Garras del Diablo”.  They are known to be the best Honduran rock group ever.  Unfortunately, the group broke up in 1985.  They have not played together now for over a decade.

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Galeria Nacional de Arte

The National Art Gallery is currently ran by Mr. Don Jose Jorge Salgado. He has a long history with art institutions with troubled kids. His goal is to have kids be involved with art and learn their culture. He wants a younger audience to appreciate the art work and what it means the Honduran heritage. The gallery is exposed with new artists and their work all the time. Salgado makes sure to have art shows often to keep the audience entertained, to give  new artists a chance to expose themselves and most importantly keep kids out of trouble. Everyone who is apart of this gallery believe it is a human right to attend and be able to have access to their culture and everything it has to offer. The gallery holds painting and sculpture events for everyone, but more directly towards the groups of children in rural areas so that they are also being exposed to art.

Honduras Art ( Culture and Music)

Art is such a huge part of culture in Honduras. Most of the art work is done by contemporary honduran painters which reflects aspects of the honduran lives. Some of the Honduran artist includes Virginia Castillo, Marisol Rodriguez, and La Gitana.



Honduras music takes most of its elements from African and European nations and combines them into a style of their own. They do this by using Spanish rhythms. They use instruments like the Marimba, Conch shell and etc..


Honduras Art

Most of the art in Honduras is not only inspired by Mesoamericans, but African American slaves, the climate, mountains and the other vibrant unique people. Vibrant unique people have a name in the Honduras culture, Garifuna people. Garifuna people are mixed race descendants of West Africa, Central African, Island Carib and Arawak people. Their culture is based on dance and music. They are now located on Honduras’s main island Roatan, the population of 100,000 can be made of most of this culture. They have made such an impact on Honduras that these people are painted dancing as murals along Honduras walls. They are normally of past family members dancing or singing in bright colored clothes and outside with bright green palm trees.


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Armando Lara

Armando Lara is another artist of Honduras that is very popular in the culture that they have there.  He was born in la Lima in 1959.  He  expressed his artistic ability since he was just a small child.  He mostly painted pictures that related to the world and reflected on the injustices.  He would take the image of injustice and turn the bad situation into great pieces of art.  One of his more important paintings was made in  1989.  It represented a desert with two craters in the center with a fossil in the spotlight.  Lara now like to work with more cool colors in order to highlight different aspects of this world that are inhumane.

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Like I mentioned before, art is a big deal in Honduras, and when an artist can take the hardships in a world and turn them into beautiful pieces of art, it really speaks to people.  This is why Armando Lara is a famous artist in Honduras.

-Brett Peifer

Miguel Ángel Ruiz Matute

Miguel is said to be the most famous painter from Honduras.  He is known as the paint magician to the people there.  Miguel is now and 87- year old man whose home is London, but once he was a young man who was the best painter in Honduras.  He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Honduras before going to San Carlos Academy in Mexico.  After that schooling he went to also get educated at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.  Miguel stated that he never knows where he is going to get his inspiration from.  He finds it all over the place, walking down the street, to seeing random people at a restaurant.

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Art is a very important part of the culture in Honduras, many of the citizens there love art.  They feel as if it is a way they can express themselves.  Through paintings, graffiti, or tattoos, everybody has their own ways of representing themselves through art.  To be considered the best artist from Honduras, Miguel was very Honored to say the least.

– Brett Peifer

In’s and Out’s of Art in Honduras

“Art of Honduras is divided into pre-Columbian, colonial, and post-independence periods. The current art of Honduras was influenced by Mesoamerican pre-Columbian art, by Spanish settlers and African slaves, and by the arrival of Garifuna people in 1797.” Mesoamerican art started in the Olmec culture and this is where a lot of the civilizations came from. Mesoamerican art is made up of enormous stone busts that normally stand 6 feet tall.  One of the important parts of making the sculptures is called stele. Stele represents religious and civic monuments.

Mesoamerican sculptures are not the only piece of art that Honduras has, they also inspire there paintings as well. These paintings are expressed in murals, pottery decorations and illuminated manuscripts. The colors are normally basic but bright to make the piece animated.

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